How Much Do Bail Bonds Cost?

Required by the law of State Maryland it is always 10%. It is illegal to have a charge less that 10% and if you want to work with legitimate bail bonds agency in Maryland, you should avoid anyone who charges less.

What is bail?

Bail is the money or property that needs to be posted on behalf or defendant to the court, usually posted by Bail Bondsman and to release him/her from the jail. This is like insurance for the court that the defendant will show up for the court. After the court the bail amount is released back by the court.

Who is the bail bondsman?

It is a person or company who posts the bail amount in order for the defendant to be released from criminal court. Any bail bondsman must be certified by State of Maryland, it is the law.

What is a Bail Bond?

It is a form of a payment by Bail Bondsman that is paid to court in order for the defendant to be released. The family of the defendant has to pay 10% of the amount to bail bondsman as a fee.

Who is a Defendant?

It is a person who was arrested and booked by police for the violation of the law. He/She has to appear in court to answer pending charges, but if the bail amount is posted, the defendant doesn’t have to wait for the trail in jail, instead they can wait for the trail at home, during which he/she can live normal live.

What Is Collateral?

Is is a personal property that a defendant, his family or his/her guard uses to secure the bail amount in case teh defendant doesn’t appear in court. If everything goes well, the collateral is returned to the owner.

Why GlobalBailNetwork?

Because no matter when and where your loved one was arrested, we are available to post a bail 24/7 anytime of the year. If the defendant can’t appear in the office, we can come to any preferred location such as home, jail or police station. We provide bail bonds services fast and hassle free.